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Thanks Everyone

We would like to thank-you all for your ongoing support throughout the past year. Wishing you every success, happiness and health in 2017! Cheers from Josef, Ande & Georgie Orbach 🍷

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Recently diagnosed as lactose intolerant to cows milk; Ande Orbach decided to make her own natural organic yogurt free of any chemicals or additives. A visit to a goat’s milk dairy on the Mornington Peninsular resulted in eating some fantastic artisan cheeses (see images) and returning home with 2 liters of fresh goats milk. INGREDIENTS: 900 ml fresh goats milk 100 ml of store bought plain yogurt (This acts as the starter agent) YOU WILL NEED: A food thermometer An “Easiyo thermos” and insert baffle plus container. Or a 100ml screw top jar and a container in which it can be immersed .   METHOD : Using a heavy based saucepan bring the milk to a temperature of...

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ANDE'S RECIPE: Cara Cara Orange Marmalade

On a recent trip to Griffith NSW, our winemaker Josef Orbach had the pleasure of visiting the Gold Bridge orange orchard. Gold Bridge is the largest producer of the rare 'Cara Cara' variety, a hybrid between a "Valencia" and the striking "Blood Orange".Owner Adrian Bianchini conducted a guided tour of the packing shed and hi-tech sorting system. French designed software is used to image process each orange.In a split second each orange is checked for colour, scars and weight. The oranges then travel along a conveyor and tipped into the a bin best suited to the computer match. First grade and so on. Once packed into 20Kg cartons, the oranges are loaded into a refrigerated 40 foot shipping container destined for the...

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