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Ande's Gluten Free Deluxe Christmas Cake

My first real lesson in Xmas cake baking came from the beautiful Hilltown SA CWA ladies in1994. Hilltown is 11km’s North of Clare. Not only was I given a great recipe and tips on how to bake the cake but step by step how to do a real icing decoration. I recall vividly bringing ithome to Melbourne to share. Not everyone was as suitably impressed as I was, but probably one of those cases of “You had to be there!” Our family stint of real country life, brings back so many fond memories. It was the Mulberry tree in the garden, that set me on a path of jam, pickle and chutney making. Anywhere, heres the recipe....

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Josef's Red Wine Vinegar

The key to making red wine vinegar is: Source the 'mother culture' from an existing vinegar or buy the culture from Constante Imports. Be sure the base wine is sulphur free before adding the “mother culture” If using commercial bottled wine, open and allow to breath for 20 days so the sulphur blows off. Start off with a 2 litre batch and allow the culture to grow for 12 months before bottling vinegar RED WINE VINEGAR  My red wine vinegar was born to a 17 year old “mother “ culture sourced from the Costante Family in Preston. Lovingly nurtured in my Collingwood cellar, the base wine is predominately Shiraz and spans 3 vintages (2015 -18) Left to rest and develop over two years, the...

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Ande's Strawberry Jam Recipe

Ande & Josef have been making preserves for over 27 years. It all started when they moved to the Clare Valley in 1993, to escape the city life of Melbourne. During that time they were living in a big beautiful house near Hill Town. The classic Australian style house with corrugated iron and a huge wrap around veranda, backing onto the property of a sheep sheerer. During this retreat from the hustle and bustle, Ande and Josef spent time with their daughters, and made their way through a little recipe book called Jams and Chutneys, (which they still have today - filled with notes, and additions to many jams and chutneys). If you've ever visited our winemakers garage sale - you'll know exactly what were talking about...

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