Josef's Red Wine Vinegar

The key to making red wine vinegar is:

  • Source the 'mother culture' from an existing vinegar or buy the culture from Constante Imports.
  • Be sure the base wine is sulphur free before adding the “mother culture”
  • If using commercial bottled wine, open and allow to breath for 20 days so the sulphur blows off.
  • Start off with a 2 litre batch and allow the culture to grow for 12 months before bottling vinegar


My red wine vinegar was born to a 17 year old “mother “ culture sourced from the Costante Family in Preston.

Lovingly nurtured in my Collingwood cellar, the base wine is predominately Shiraz and spans 3 vintages (2015 -18)

Left to rest and develop over two years, the vinegar was bottled in 2020

This rewarding result, has great acetic characters & is bathed in the perfumed sweetness of the premium shiraz grapes from the Clare Valley.

Josef Orbach