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Many years ago I visited New Zealand and had a Paura fritter in a Wellington Fish and Chip Shop I have never forgotten that taste. Oh to have one again. However I am a Pescatorian and love Oysters, preferably freshly shucked. But there are those times when you over cater. After our recent Oyster night at Side Gate HQ we had a few dozen spare– Josef purchased 80 dozen wooooooah!! Ocean Made Robert Street Collingwood go see them they are amazing, if you can’t see your dream fish in the pristine shop they have it out back. Thats another story! Warning freeze your oysters only if in great condition. Our motto : When in doubt chuck it out. Serve with...

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Thanks Everyone

We would like to thank-you all for your ongoing support throughout the past year. Wishing you every success, happiness and health in 2017! Cheers from Josef, Ande & Georgie Orbach 🍷

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Recently diagnosed as lactose intolerant to cows milk; Ande Orbach decided to make her own natural organic yogurt free of any chemicals or additives. A visit to a goat’s milk dairy on the Mornington Peninsular resulted in eating some fantastic artisan cheeses (see images) and returning home with 2 liters of fresh goats milk. INGREDIENTS: 900 ml fresh goats milk 100 ml of store bought plain yogurt (This acts as the starter agent) YOU WILL NEED: A food thermometer An “Easiyo thermos” and insert baffle plus container. Or a 100ml screw top jar and a container in which it can be immersed .   METHOD : Using a heavy based saucepan bring the milk to a temperature of...

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