Many years ago I visited New Zealand and had a Paura fritter in a Wellington Fish and Chip Shop I have never forgotten that taste. Oh to have one again. However I am a Pescatorian and love Oysters, preferably freshly shucked.

But there are those times when you over cater. After our recent Oyster night at Side Gate HQ we had a few dozen spare– Josef purchased 80 dozen wooooooah!! Ocean Made Robert Street Collingwood go see them they are amazing, if you can’t see your dream fish in the pristine shop they have it out back. Thats another story!

Warning freeze your oysters only if in great condition. Our motto : When in doubt chuck it out. Serve with cold cold Side Gate bubbles (with a tipple of Chambord).

Serves 2 (I’m greedy)



  • 2 dozen Oysters frozen.
  • A hand full of fresh dill some stalks
  • A hand full of fresh parsley any type, no stalks
  • 3 slices of bread (I use gluten free)
  • ¼ of a large lime or lemon
  • Sea salt (oysters love it!)
  • Freshly ground pepper of your choice
  • 1 egg whisked
  • Oil for frying



  • Chilli finely ground
  • Don't like dill? Try coriander or smaller quantity of tarragon


    1. Coarsely chop the following ingredients consecutively (by hand or in mixer)
    2. Mix gently as you go in a large bowl - Firstly dill, then parsley, then bread.
    3. Now add chopped oysters.
    4. Season with salt & pepper, chilli if you like.
    5. Squeeze your lime.
    6. Add the whisked egg.
    7. Mix and return to the fridge keep it chilled. 
    8. Ready your pan. Fry large tablespoon dollops at a time in best frying oil to hand. I prefer rice bran oil as it heats well, browns and does not absorb in the food.


  • As you go you can pop mixture back into fridge for the next stage keep it cool!!
  • Best to thaw in fridge or if you are ready to go with all chopped items thaw them on the bench.
  • Watch the Oysters if using a blender - they pulverise quickly some chunky bits are good!
  • Oil needs to be hot for frying but patties need to cook through and they will brown easily.
  • There are many different combos you can add to make this oyster frenzy endless fun. Try Worcestershire sauce or sweet Chilli sauce and various seasonings. 
Ive just eaten about 6 of them as per my original recipe feel great and they are bringing back the 80’s in that Fish and Chip shop. Yum!!! xx Ande