Recently diagnosed as lactose intolerant to cows milk; Ande Orbach decided to make her own natural organic yogurt free of any chemicals or additives. A visit to a goat’s milk dairy on the Mornington Peninsular resulted in eating some fantastic artisan cheeses (see images) and returning home with 2 liters of fresh goats milk.


  • 900 ml fresh goats milk
  • 100 ml of store bought plain yogurt (This acts as the starter agent)


  • A food thermometer
  • An “Easiyo thermos” and insert baffle plus container.
  • Or a 100ml screw top jar and a container in which it can be immersed .



  1. Using a heavy based saucepan bring the milk to a temperature of 95C, not higher. Milk may need a stir to ensure temperature is even.
  2. Cool the saucepan. I put mine in a sink of cold water stirring the milk. The temperature needs to reduce to 35C.
  3. Stir in the 100ml of plain yoghurt ensure there are no lumps at all. Or pour milk in the jar with the yoghurt and shake with lid on to dissolve lumps.
  4. Immerse the jar or Easy Yo insert into hot water from the tap. The level should be just under the lid.
  5. Leave stand for 6 hours or overnight.
  6. Remove and place in the fridge. The yoghurt is ready. If you find your yoghurt is a little runny you may need to adjust the amount of yoghurt you add to your milk. Also that you have checked your temperatures correctly. PS Runny yoghurt still has all the health benefits! Ande Orbach recommends the “Easiyo” yogurt thermos.