2018 Tempranillo + Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills
2018 Tempranillo + Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills

Art Series by Side Gate

2018 Tempranillo + Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills

This unique & unusual pairing of wines delivers up a complex layer of flavours. The predominant Tempranillo stands tall and bold the Pinot Noir elegant and graceful. Together they harmonise and sing, presenting as dark cherry in colour, soft tannins with a hint of French oak on the nose. Fermented and made separately each wine was treated as “individuals” and came together as a blend the day before bottling. - Josef Orbach, Side Gate Winemaker

750ml | 14.3% ALC/VOL | 8.3 Standard Drinks | Contains Sulphites


Side Gate Art Series
2018 Tempranillo Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills
Tempranillo is the mainstay of the blend at 70%, servicing a plump medium-bodied red. Highly versatile at the table, with a juiciness that belies most domestic expressions of this Iberian variety. I can only think that pinot's svelte nature underpins it all. Dark cherry, satsuma plum and five-spice notes are bound by a weave of savoury tannins, dusty and pliant. This is a good drink.