Winter Truffle Hunting is Back

Its the time of year again where Ande and Josef head off looking for their winter treasure, the truffle!  

Look out for the forthcoming truffle event in Collingwood that will excite your taste pallet with booth wine and truffles for the tasting!

Oak Hill Truffle Hunting 

Nestled in the historic goldfield town of Gordon just 1 hour out of Melbourne CBD, lies “Oak Hill Truffles”.  We got a chance to visit a beautiful patch of farm land and home of Truffle farm owners Merylee and Ian.

oak hill truffle farm

The central highlands region are ideally suited for the production of winter truffles from mid-June to the end of August with warm summers, cold winters and plenty of frosts! We were welcomed into Merylee and Ians beautiful home , where we enjoyed a cup of coffee and cookies and discussed the life span of a truffle , the soil environment needed for its growth as well as the simple and delicious meals that could be prepared with this delicacy! We learned how there are various types of Truffles in different regions and the local truffle was called Black Period Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum)!

Truffel smelling

Next up we got introduced to Sally the truffle dog! Sally worked diligently guiding us to detect the elusive aroma of the truffles that indicates its location along the oak field! We wandered the fields with the dogs eager to find some Truffles! Like hunting for treasure we managed to find 3 truffles that day weighing (450 grams)!  We watched as Ian washed the Truffles and weighed them!

dogs truffle   truffle farm

search for truffle

 We could not end the day without a glass of wine and some lunch at Captain Creeks Winery! On the way home Josef and I were very excited, planning how we can incorporate this delicacy in meals and desserts, like white chocolate truffle ice-cream perhaps! We were happy with our little truffle purchase, and along the way we stopped and got a big bag of locally grown fresh potatoes to ensure we took some of the country home with us!

potatoes truffle farm