Pinot lovers rejoice: WE WON BRONZE!

For a small family wine business in the gigantic world of wine, we are packing a punch!! And so, we’re very proud to announce our recent win at the London International Wine Competition 2018 with our 2017 Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills.

A bronze is no mean feat in this show amongst shows. Worthy of note: No Pinot Noir’s were allocated a Gold and one Silver went to Santa Barbara, USA. This win has confirmed our place as a serious wine company dedicated to delivering great quality wines at very fair prices.

For the lovers of Pinot Noir it can be an expensive journey to source and enjoy this amazing grape variety, there are also many ways to approach the handling and the wine making process….

The 2017 pristine vintage saw a diversion by Josef Orbach from his previous traditional Pinot wine making style. The aim: to create a contemporary light bodied iridescent red wine that is full of expression and true Pinot nuances. This has certainly been achieved…It is amazing!!

If you are not traditionally a red wine drinker then this may be THE very wine to convert you!

Thank-you for taking the time to read our great news.

Cheers, & happy drinking! - Josef.